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Solution For the Earth DYC


DYC Clean, Multi-purpose sterilization, cleaning agent

DYC Clean effectively removes bio-film generated by contamination of bacteria and can be used as a cleaning agent in places where sterilization and disinfection are required
  • DYC Clean application
  • Food Processing Plant

  • Restaurant

  • School and daycare center

  • Plumbing cleaning
    [ Bio film and scale removal ]

  • Group catering service

  • Home

  • Public places, etc.

  • DYC Clean prevents pathogenic infections and quickly removes contaminants
    DYC Clean has an excellent effect on antibacterial properties of viruses and bacteria
    Bio-Film removal caused by various bacteria and viruses
    Excellent effect on stain removal caused by mold and the like based on the strong oxidizing power of chlorine dioxide
    Excellent for disinfection of public places and prevention of pathogenic epidemics
DYC Clean 휴대용 제품
DYC Clean Portable products DYC Clean products for refill and industrial