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Solution For the Earth DYC


DYC W, Eco-friendly Water Treatment Products

DYC W effectively oxidizes water-soluble contaminants and has an excellent water treatment effect
DYC W Water treatment application

Ministry of Environment “Green algae reduction pilot” project

  • Short term processing

    After one treatment with chlorine dioxide in the dark green algae state, the concentration of chlorophyll - a was reduced from 164.48 to 11.43, showing a reduction efficiency of 93.05%.

  • Periodic chlorine dioxide treatment for 1 month

    Through continuous management for 1 month, the initial chlorophyll-a concentration at 49.29 was reduced and maintained below the water quality standard of lake water (average reduction efficiency 89.45%)

DYC W, Eco-friendly Water Treatment Products

DYC W, Features of Water treatment
  • As an eco-friendly comprehensive disinfectant, it has a safe and strong sterilizing power.
  • It effectively oxidizes chlorophyll-a, resulting in excellent algae removal efficiency.
  • It does not produce disinfection by-products (THMs, HAAs, etc.) and is eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • It has an excellent effect of decomposing microcystin, a toxin produced by blue-green algae.
  • It is not affected by PH, so it has excellent red tide control efficacy.