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Solution For the Earth DYC


DYC - Eco-friendly sterilization products

DYC F is excellent in purifying, sterilizing, and deodorizing pollutants in living environments based on the strong oxidizing power of chlorine dioxide.
DYC F, Deodorant application
  • In the living room

  • In the baby room

  • In the bed room

  • In the bath room

  • Around pets

  • In the office

  • Food odor

  • Shoes odor

  • Cigarette odor

  • Garbage and sewers odor

DYC F, Sterilization application
  • Washing fruits and vegetables

  • Washing the kitchen and sink

  • Washing refrigerators and kitchen appliances

  • Washing the kitchen floor

DYC F Eco-friendly sterilization product line
Spray type Refill type
Spray type product for deodorization, sterilization and disinfection of living environm High-capacity sterilization for industrial use, deodorant and refill products for living environment