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Solution For the Earth DYC


DYC N, Eco-friendly Trace-element fertilizer

DYC N is an eco-friendly fertilizer replacement agent that provides microelements to the soil, and has an excellent effect on crop growth and development. Also it sterilizes soil and culture medium and effectively heals various viral diseases.
DYC N, Agricultural application
  • Greenhouse cultivation

  • The bare ground cultivation

  • Soil disinfection

  • Keep freshness

DYC N, Viral disease application
  • Downy mildew

  • Powdery mildew

  • Anthracnose

DYC N, Eco-friendly Trace-element fertilizer Line

DYC N, Features of products
  • Guaranteed ingredients : Boron over 0.05% / Molybdenum over 0.0005%
  • Usage : Adjustable according to crop growth condition and disease type
  • PH can be adjusted according to the application
  • Possesses various concentrations of chlorine dioxide application solutions considering the economics of use