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Solution For the Earth DYC

Sterilization & Disinfection Field

Introduction of DYC sterilization and disinfection products

The strong oxidizing power of DYC ClO2 decomposes not only bacteria, viruses, but also substances that cause odor.
DYC F, Deodorant application
  • In the living room

  • In the baby room

  • In the bed room

  • In the bath room

  • Around pets

  • In the office

  • Food odor

  • Shoes odor

  • Cigarette odor

  • Garbage and sewers odor

Sterilization & Disinfection Field
  • Washing fruits and vegetables

  • Washing the kitchen and sink

  • Washing refrigerators and kitchen appliances

  • Washing the kithen floor

Sterilization power of DYC ClO2

DYC ClO2 oxidizes cell membranes such as bacteria and viruses, and has strong sterilization effect due to high biomass penetration

Verification of the efficacy of removing the swine flu virus using chlorine dioxide

100% survival rate of chlorine dioxide treatment group, 30% survival rate of non-chlorine dioxide group

Influenza A and Corona A59 sterilized using chlorine dioxide significantly reduced the number of virus infections.

In 2019, the Korea Centers for Disease Control announced chlorine dioxide as a proven disinfection technology in the Legionellosis Management Guidelines.

DYC ClO2 Vs Alcohol-based disinfectan

Compared to alcohol-based disinfectants, DYC ClO2 is superior in sterilizing power, stability, and non-toxicity

Div Alcohol-based disinfectant DYC ClO2
sterilizing power No effect on a strong food poisoning bacteria, Such as Bacillus bacteria Excellent effect on various bacteria and viruses including Bacillus
stability High vaporization Stable concentration
PH Acting in neutral Working extensively at PH 2-10
  • Risk inherently flammable
  • Causes trouble due to severe skin irritation
  • Generating by-product when combined with water
  • Environmentally friendly disinfectant with no residual toxicity
DYC ClO2 Vs Chlorine-based disinfectant

Compared to chlorine-based disinfectants, DYC ClO2 has superior sterilization power and does not produce carcinogenic by-products

Div DYC ClO2 NaClO
Smell Slight chlorine odor at first, odorless after disinfection Strong chlorine odor, residual after disinfection
Oxidation power 5 times compared to chlorine 1/5 compared to chlorine dioxide
sterilizing power 2.5 times compared to chlorine 1
PH Working extensively at PH 2-10 Working at PH 2-7.5 (Decreased sterilization power when pH increases)
Phenol Complete removal Generating phenol chloride
Ammonia Not generating amine chloride Generating amine chloride
By-products Does not generate by-products Generating toxic by-products
(THMs, HAAs, HANs etc.)

Safetiness of DYC ClO2

Proven non-toxic as a result of chlorine dioxide ecotoxicity test
  • After adding chlorine dioxide 4 times, close monitoring of fishes and other organisms.
  • Even if a high-concentration ClO2 aqueous solution was added to an isolated lake and diluted, it was confirmed that organisms such as fishes are sufficiently adapted. In addition, it was completely decomposed to below 1ppm within 4 ~ 5 minutes and no residual material was generated.
  • Referring to the report on fish toxicity in the algae reduction pilot project of the Environmental Management Corporation.

As a result of environmental evaluation of chlorine dioxide, there was no inhalation toxicity at 200 ppm and no oral toxicity at 40 ppm.

DYC chlorine dioxide application plan

Sterilization and disinfection of table, kitchen equipment, toilet, etc.
Public disinfection (Sewage pipe odor removal and disinfection, Disinfection contaminated space by COVID)
Sterilization and washing water supplied to sinks of public institutions and home

Sterilization and cleaning of cooling tower or air conditioning equipment in public institutions
  • Cooling tower sterilization and cleaning
  • Sterilization and disinfection of air conditioners in home or public places
  • Removal of odor and sterilization of vehicle air conditioner
  • Sterilization and disinfection of air conditioning equipment in public places such as hospitals
Advantages of disinfection using DYC chlorine dioxide aqueous solution
  • As DYC chlorine dioxide aqueous solution can be produced in a wide range of products from 1 to 6,000 ppm, it is possible to present economical disinfection cost by easily diluting high-concentration products in water when applied on site.

  • Unlike general chlorine-based disinfectants, DYC chlorine dioxide aqueous solution does not generate by-products after disinfection and is eco-friendly.

  • DYC chlorine dioxide aqueous solution has strong antibacterial and antiviral functions compared to other disinfectants, so disinfection efficiency is high.